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Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Nothing seems to be more comforting than a warm and cozy blanket on a chilly winter night, but it takes time to warm a blanket. The first few minutes inside a cold blanket feel like ages.

To get rid of this feeling, you need a blanket that warms up just as you sneak into it. That is only possible when you have an electric blanket. There are many differences between electric blankets and regular blankets, but the most prominent one is the speed at which an electric blanket gets warm and sustains it after being turned off.

An electric blanket is ideal for relieving aching muscles, improving mood, and enjoying better sleep. Most electric blankets come with multiple heat levels and dual controllers, thus letting couples select the level of their choice.

If you are interested in buying an electric blanket, then make sure you read reviews of the best electric blankets consumer reports. While most people have heat pumps to regulate the temperature inside the house, many people can’t afford them. But, an electric blanket is an economical way to keep yourself warm and cozy, so you must definitely buy one if you haven’t already.

Electric Blanket Reviews - In Detail
1. Sunbeam Heated Blanket BSF9GFS-R310-13A00

Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Sunbeam is the brand to reckon with when it comes to electric blankets. Have a look at this quilted fleece blanket, which has a fast heating mechanism that offers amazing warmth and comfort on cold winter nights.

The electric blanket boasts ThermoFine technology that helps distribute the heat evenly. The company has added an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the blanket after 10 years.

Equipped with 10 heat settings, you can choose the best setting and enjoy a sound sleep throughout the night. The blanket is machine washable, which makes cleaning a breeze.

The electric blanket is dryer safe as well, thus letting you quickly wash and dry the blanket to use it again at night.

2. Beautyrest Microlight To Sherpa Reversible Electric Blanket Throw BR54-0419

Beautyrest Microlight To Sherpa Reversible Electric Blanket

Check out this incredible electric blanket from BeautyRest, which consists of 100% microlight plush on the front side and 100% Sherpa Berber on the reverse side. This electric blanket is completely safe to use, as it gives the lowest possible electromagnetic field radiation.

The heating element incorporated into the electric magnetic is evenly spaced to ensure even heat distribution. The blanket comes with 100% UL certification, which ensures safety.

The company has equipped the electric blanket with 20 heat settings, thus letting you choose the heat setting you are most comfortable with.

If you choose the queen or king-size blanket, then you get the option to choose your own heat setting while your partner chooses his/her own, thanks to the inclusion of dual controllers.

The electric blanket comes with a preheat feature that allows you to expedite the warming process. Then, there is an auto-off feature, which is fully adjustable from 1 to 10 hours.

The electric blanket is made of 100% polyester fabric, which allows it to last for years, plus makes cleaning a breeze. The company provides 5-year limited warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

3. Vremi Electric Blanket - 50 x 60 inches Throw Heated Blanket

Vremi Electric Blanket

Vremi brings to you an ultra-soft and comfortable electric blanket, which is made with a thick layer of soft flannel fleece fabric to let you enjoy your sleep in a warm and comfortable environment on chilly winter lights.

The electric blanket incorporates a large-sized heating pad for two persons, which is made with built-in micro-thin wires that offer even heat distribution without giving the feeling of heaviness. The blanket heats up quickly, thus bringing faster relief from sore muscles.

Equipped with 6 heat settings, this electric blanket allows you to sleep at a temperature that you find most comfortable.

The temperature ranges from 85 degrees Fahrenheit to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 8-time mode settings that allow you to adjust the auto-timer on the electric blanket.

With ETL certification, this electric blanket assures you of safety. The blanket can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer, so you don’t have to use your elbow grease to get rid of any stains on the blanket.

4. Pure Enrichment PureRelief Radiance Deluxe Heated Blanket

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Radiance Deluxe Heated Blanket

Have a look at this electric blanket from Pure Enrichment, which has a velvety soft textured pattern, which doesn’t just feel warm and cozy, but quite stylish as well.

The electric blanket is equipped with an LCD controller from which you can select up to 10 heat settings.

The temperature of this electric blanket ranges from 87 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can select the heat setting that you are most comfortable with.

The company has also added a sleep-friendly light mode that turns off the controller lights after 10 seconds to enjoy better sleep.

For queen and king-sized blankets, you will get dual controllers, which allow you and your partner to select the temperature of your choice.

The inclusion of auto safety shut-off features allows the blanket to turn off after 10 hours of continuous use to prevent overheating and conserve energy.

The electric blanket can be washed in the washing machine, which makes cleaning effortless. You will get a 5-year warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

5. Sunbeam Queen Premium Soft Electric Heated Blanket 2099987

Sunbeam Queen Premium Soft Electric Heated Blanket

We have another electric blanket from Sunbeam, which is also made of 100% polyester which adds durability to the product.

The electric blanket is very soft to the touch, thus giving you a comfortable experience all night long. The electric blanket is packed with 20 heat settings, thus letting you select the setting you feel most comfortable with.

Then, there is a 10-hour auto-off feature to ensure your comfort and safety as you enjoy your sleep.

The company has provided dual controllers for each side, which allows two individuals who are sharing the blanket to select the heat settings as per their convenience.

A preheat feature is also included in the blanket to ensure quick heat-up for faster comfort. The heating mechanism is handled by ThermoFine Wiring System, which does its job without being detected.

6. Soft Heat By Perfect Fit Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket 783633

Soft Heat By Perfect Fit Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket

Perfect Fit is another world-class company that manufactures brilliant electric heated blankets, and the one we are discussing is its top-selling product.

This electric blanket is made of soft micro-plush fabric and has a beautiful triple-rib design that will blend with your bedroom décor.

The blanket consists of two separate zones, which means you and your partner can set different heat settings using the dual-lighted controls attached to the blanket.

The electric blanket features auto shut-off functionality as well, which will turn it off after 10 hours of continuous use.

This feature is added for your safety and conservation of energy. You can clean this blanket in your washing machine and dry it in the dryer without working out shrinking, pilling, or stretching.

7. Degrees Of Comfort [Advanced] Dual Control Electric Blanket DC54-0063

Degrees Of Comfort Dual Control Electric Blanket

The biggest concern for people when using an electric blanket is whether it causes burns and radiation or not, but when you choose an electric blanket from Degrees Of Comfort, then you don’t have to worry about any such thing.

This heating blanket quickly heats up without producing too much electromagnetic radiation. The blanket is 100% UL certified, which ensures the safety of users.

There are 20 heating levels in the electric blanket, so you can easily choose the right level via a custom LCD display controller.

Connected to the blanket is a 12.5 feet long power cord, which allows you to connect the blanket to a distant power outlet.

So, if you intend to use the blanket in an RV or camping, then this long cord will come in handy.

If there are stains or splashes on the electric blanket, then you can easily clean it with cold or lukewarm water and then, dry it in a dryer, but make sure to disconnect the controller and power cables before washing it.

The electric blanket comes with a 5-year warranty, which covers all manufacturing defects.

8. Thermee Micro Flannel Micro Flannel Electric Blanket THREBKGUMP

Thermee Micro Flannel Micro Flannel Electric Blanket

Thermee brings to you a micro-flannel electric blanket that is made of 100% polyester. The electric blanket is one of the most comfortable ones available on the market right now, thanks to 7 layers of quilted micro flannel.

Besides being comfortable, the electric blanket will enhance the looks of your bedroom with its elegant satin trim and diamond stitch.

The company has installed a user-friendly controller with the blanket, which comes with auto backlit shut-off after 40 seconds.

The electric blanket features 10 heat settings and a programmable timer for up to 12 hours. You will also like the inclusion of a 10-hour auto safety shut-off, which ensures your safety and conserve energy as well.

The premium material used in this electric blanket won’t shrink or pill after you wash and dry it in a washer and dryer, thus letting you use it for years to come.

9. Westinghouse Heated Throw Soft Silky Plush Flannel Electric Blanket WH-HF90

Westinghouse Heated Throw Soft Silky Plush Flannel Electric Blanket

Check out this incredible electric blanket from Westinghouse, which has a quick heating time to make your aching muscle relax in a matter of a few minutes.

Sleeping in a heated blanket will relieve mild muscle pain, but if you have severe pain in your back and neck muscles, then you will have to buy a neck and back massager.

It also comes with 10 heat settings just like many electric blankets on the list, and has dual control as well, which allows you and your partner to choose heat settings as per their liking.

There are 10 preset heat levels in the electric blanket to give you the most comfortable experience during sleep. An auto turn-off mechanism is also added to the blanket, which comes into play when the blanket runs for 12 hours straight.

If you turn off the heating blanket and, turn it back on after 15 minutes or so, then the blanket will revert automatically to the last used heating level.

Other notable features of the product include, even heat distribution for maximum comfort level, overheat protection, and user-friendly operation.

The electric blanket is machine wash safe, so you can clean it in your washing machine and dry it in a dryer.

The company provides a 5-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects, so if you find any problem with the electric blanket, contact customer support.

10. Woolrich Heated Plush To Berber Electric Blanket Throw WR54-1746

Woolrich Heated Plush To Berber Electric Blanket

Ending our list with the Woolrich Heated Electric Blanket, which is made of 100% faux fur mink for an ultimate comfort experience.

The electric blanket has equipped this blanket with Secure Comfort Technology that helps it eliminate almost all Electromagnetic Field emissions.

The electric blanket boasts ultra-soft microlight plush fabric along with soft flexible wires for your comfort. Then, there is a soft Berber in the blanket, which adds extra loft and warmth.

With 20 heat settings to choose from, you will experience the next level of warmth and coziness inside this blanket. It also features a 10-hour auto shut-off for safety and energy conservation.

If there are any stains on the blanket, then you can wash it in your washing machine and dry it in the dryer without worrying about the fabric, as it won’t shrink and pill.

How To Put An Electric Blanket On A Bed?

An electric blanket is a perfect way to keep you warm and cozy during the cold weather. But, you must know how to put it on the bed in the right way, which could be a bit tricky if you’ve never done it before, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Start with a clean and dry bed

Before you lay the electric blanket on your bed, make sure that your bed is clean and dry. This will prevent any dirt or moisture from getting trapped between the layers, which can damage the blanket.

Step 2: Spread the blanket over your bed

Lay the electric blanket flat over your bed, ensuring that it is centered and covers the entire surface of the bed. You want to make sure that the blanket is evenly distributed and that there are no wrinkles or creases.

Step 3: Tuck in the corners

Next, tuck in the corners of the electric blanket under your mattress to keep it securely in place. You can also tuck in the sides and foot of the blanket if you wish.

Step 4: Attach the controller

The controller is the device that allows you to adjust the heat setting of your electric blanket. It should be attached to the blanket before you turn it on. Most controllers have a cord that plugs into the blanket itself. Make sure that the controller is easily accessible from your bed.

Step 5: Turn on the blanket

Now it’s time to turn on the blanket and adjust the heat to your desired level. Follow the instructions on your controller to turn it on and set the temperature.

And that’s it! You’re all set to snuggle up with your electric blanket and enjoy the warmth. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance, and never leave the blanket on for an extended period while unattended.

How To Wash An Electric Blanket?

Just like a regular blanket, an electric blanket gets stains and start to look a little worse for wear. That’s the time when you should think about washing it, but wait! Can I wash an electric blanket, you must ask. Well, you can certain keep your electric blanket clean to maintain its effectiveness and ensure it lasts a long time. Here are some easy steps to follow when washing your electric blanket:

Step 1: Read the care label

Before you begin washing your electric blanket, be sure to read the care label that came with it. Different electric blankets may have different washing instructions, so it’s crucial to follow them to avoid any damage.

Step 2: Unplug and detach the controller

Make sure that the electric blanket is unplugged and that the controller is detached before washing. This will prevent any water damage to the blanket or the controller.

Step 3: Hand wash or machine wash

Depending on the care instructions, you may either hand wash or machine wash your electric blanket. If you’re washing it in a machine, make sure to use a delicate or gentle cycle and cold water. Avoid using hot water or bleach, as this can damage the heating wires in the blanket.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly

After washing, rinse the electric blanket thoroughly to ensure that all the soap is removed. Any leftover soap can cause skin irritation or damage to the blanket.

Step 5: Air dry

Finally, air dry your electric blanket by laying it flat on a clean surface. Avoid hanging it or putting it in a dryer, as this can damage the heating wires. Make sure to fully dry the blanket before using it again.

And that’s it! By following these simple steps, you can keep your electric blanket clean and fresh, ensuring that it continues to keep you cozy during the cold weather.

Wrapping Up

An electric blanket looks similar to a normal blanket but is far better when it comes to offering warmth and comfort to users. Yes, there are wires integrated into the blanket, but those remain undetected inside multiple layers of the blanket.


Cleaning an electric blanket is easy too, as you need to disconnect all the heating elements and dual controller and put the blanket into a washer and dryer. Therefore, you should not hesitate to buy an electric blanket. If you have read reviews of the 10 best blanket consumer reports, then, you should place your order now!