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Best Hammock Swing Stands – Reviews & Buying Guide

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There is nothing better than relaxing in the comfort of your house, right? After a long tiring day at work, the only thing that we all want is to be snug as a bug in a rug. While there are many ways of relaxing at home like enjoying a soothing massage in a massage chair or taking a hot bath, there are many who enjoy sitting outside, on a swing or lounger, seeing the sun setting down, and absorbing the cool breeze. If you too feel that a swing set is what you need to hang loose, then get ready to be bamboozled because there are so many brands competing in this particular niche.

We have done the legwork for you, so take a gander at our five best swing stands consumer reports in which we have presented a detailed review of the five most popular swing stands available on the market. You can go through the list of the five best hammock swing stands that we have laid out for you below to make the right decision easily.

Reviews Of Five Most Popular Swing Stands
1. FDW Hammock C Stand For Hammock Air Porch Swing Chair

FDW Hammock C Stand For Hammock Air Porch Swing Chair

If your entire family is fond of a swing chair lounger, then you can take a look at this hammock swing Stand. If you don’t have a high budget for buying a swing stand, then this product here is ideal for you.

This swing stand, which is specifically designed for air porch swing chairs can be used for indoor as well as outdoor use. The construction of this swing stand enables it to rotate at nearly 360 degrees.

From a small child to a heavy adult, this swing stand can accommodate anyone, as the maximum carrying capacity of this stand is around 300 lbs. Moreover, this swing stand has a height of 7 feet, thus ensuring better swings.

This hammock stand is made of heavy-duty material, so you can’t question its reliability. The rust-resistant steel that is used for manufacturing lasts a lifetime, thus making this product a value for money. Assembling this swing stand is quite easy, and it perfectly blends with your home décor.

  •  Made from a durable material
  •  Has a nearly 360-degree rotation
  •  Not that great for small kids due to its height
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  Does it need to be attached to the floor?
Answer:  No, there is no need to attach or screw it to the floor. Just place it on a firm base, and it will work
Question:  How much width would this swing stand need?
Answer:  An area of about 3ft by 5ft would be fine to accommodate this swing stand
Question:  Can it be easily disassembled to be transported?
Answer:  Yes, there are a few nuts and bolts that you need to work on. You will get 4 main pieces, which you can stack up together
Question:  Is this swing stand adjustable?
Answer:  No, it’s not
2. Sorbus Durable Hammock Hanging Chair Stand

Sorbus Durable Hammock Hanging Chair Stand

This is another excellent swing stand that can be used to hang swings, loungers, stand chairs, and whatnot. You can use this hammock chair stand indoors as well as outdoors.

The height of this stand can be adjusted from 79 inches to 93 inches by adjusting the wing knob screws.

You can place the stand anywhere, let it be in your backyard, deck, or patio, thanks to its solid frame with a coating of powdered steel, which also makes the frame rust and weather-resistant.

You can set up this unit in minutes, as you just need to connect the joints, which come with snap button mechanisms. With a weight capacity of 330 lbs, one adult or 2 children can easily fit in the hammock chair.

  •  The frame is coated with powdered steel, which makes it rust resistant and weather resistant
  •  The base of the swing stand is stable and sturdy, thus giving you the freedom to enjoy your leisure time anywhere
  •  Easy assembling and portability make this swing stand a contender for outdoor adventure
  •  Some users have complained about the frame bending over after a certain period of time
  •  The swing stand tips over easily, which raises a question over the stability of the unit
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  Do I need to bolt down this swing stand?
Answer:  No, it is not necessary to bolt down the swing stand
Question:  Can I hang an egg chair with this swing stand?
Answer:  Yes, it can be easily hanged but the height of the chair needs to be adjusted
Question:  Can I take this swing stand for camping?
Answer:  With a weight of 50 lbs, it can definitely be taken long on camping trips
Question:  Can you take apart this swing stand in order to be stored easily?
Answer:  Yes, the swing stand comes in four pieces, so detach those pieces and place the swing stand in a box or bag
3. Giantex Adjustable Hammock Chair Stand

Giantex Adjustable Hammock Chair Stand

Giantex has surprisingly made one gem of a hammock chair stand because it can easily fit more people than any other swing stand (330 lbs weight to be precise) in the same price range, plus the height of this stand can be raised to 98.5 inches compared to 85 and 93 inches in other swing stands.

Coming to construction of the swing stand, then it features a C-style solid steel frame, which has the ability to give you nearly 360 degrees of hanging freedom.

This swing stand is totally safe to use, courtesy of the steel snap safety hook, which comes with an auto-close spring gate with an interlock tooth that doesn’t let the load force open.

This swing stand is ideal for air chairs, hanging chairs, swings, and hammock chairs, so get this stand to enjoy your leisure time.

  •  Supports weight up to 330 lbs
  •  Adjustable height of 98.5 inches, much higher than most swing stands
  •  Solid steel frame to keep the unit stable
  •  Steel snap safety hook for extra safety of the users
  •  The unit is not rust resistant
  •  It keeps hitting at the time of swinging
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  Can this swing stand be used for a yoga swing?
Answer:  It may, but the height of the swing needs to be checked first
Question:  Does this swing stand makes noise when someone swings on it?
Answer:  No, it is a sturdy unit, so you won’t hear a noise
Question:  Does it need to be attached to the ground like other C-Style frames?
Answer:  No, it can be used anywhere
Question:  Is extra springs or hooks required for hooking the hammock chair to the base?
Answer:  No, the swing stand comes with a sturdy hook that you can use for hanging a hammock chair
4. Zupapa Steel C Hammock Frame Stand With Rug

Zupapa Steel C Hammock Frame Stand

Ready to spend over $100 for a swing stand? Well, then Zupapa Steel C Hammock Frame Stand with Rug is going to be the most suitable option for you. This swing stand can easily accommodate a person having a weight of 350 lbs. The height of this swing stand is the same as that of the above-discussed model.

The construction of this swing stand is a bit different, as it has round shape feet with a hole, which is suitable for brick, wood, and concrete surfaces. The company offers a small rug along with the swing stand as a gift because they want to protect your floor from scratches. Assembling an air chair on this swing stand is quite easy.

The product looks and feels sturdy as the company has used high-quality heavy-duty steel for manufacturing it. Just like FDW’s hammock stand, this product will also give you nearly 360-degree swivel space. The steel used for manufacturing this swing stand is rust-resistant and coated with black powder, which also gives an elegant feel to the stand.

A lifetime warranty given by the company on the product is like the icing on the cake. First of all, there is hardly a chance of getting any issue with the product, and on top of that, the lifetime warranty given by the company gives a sense of relief to the customers that they can get in touch with the manufacturers in case anything happens with the product.

  •  Decent weight carrying capacity
  •  Easy to assemble air chairs
  •  The design of this swing stand is built to last
  •  Free rug prevents scratching on the floors (especially wooden floors)
  •  Swings back and forth smoothly, but can tip over while swinging sideways
  •  Can’t assemble this stand-alone as the frame is quite heavy
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  Does it work with a hugglepod?
Answer:  Yes, it will
Question:  Does an extension come with this swing stand?
Answer:  No, there aren’t any extension that comes with the product. You will have to buy the extension separately
Question:  Does this swing stand comes with all the parts necessary to hang a swing?
Answer:  Yes, it is going to come with all the necessary parts such as carabiner type hook, which connects the frame to the hammock chair. Pay attention towards the hammock chair, as it shouldn’t be too large or else it will touch the floor
Question:  Is this swing stand going to work with an egg-shaped hanging chair?
Answer:  Yes, it will work, though you will bump into the vertical bar every time, that’s not a big deal
5. Hatteras Hammocks SWSC1T Steel Single Swing Stand

Hatteras Hammocks SWSC1T Steel Single Swing Stand

If you are looking for an ideal single swing stand, and budget is no issue for you, then Hatteras Hammocks SWSC1T Steel Single Swing Stand is the product that you should look forward to buying. It is extremely easy to assemble this swing stand.

Everything in this product is simply bigger and better than most of its competitors, whether you take the amount of weight it can withstand or the height of the stand itself.

The swing stand is made of powder-coated steel, which is rust-resistant and gives more durability to the stand. This swing stand stands tall at 8 feet and can accommodate weights up to 350 pounds.

The taupe textured finish gives an elegant look to the product, so if you are planning to use this swing stand indoors, then go ahead with your plan, as it is going to add to the aesthetic appeal of the room in which you place it.

  •  Assembling this stand is easy
  •  8 feet in height, which is higher than its competitors
  •  Weight capacity of up to 350 lbs
  •  Powdered coated steel that provides durability and protects against rust
  •  Taupe textured finish provides an elegant look
  •  A pricey swing stand, but the quality and durability justify the price
  •  Too much movement can tilt the swing stand
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  Is it possible to swing in this swing stand?
Answer:  The product is suitable for light swinging. It won’t tip or lean until you begin hard core swinging. Quite a stable swing stand
Question:  What kind of swing can be hooked with this swing stand?
Answer:  Any swing will work with this stand until it has a single hook attachment. Hammock chairs work great with the stand as well
Question:  Is this swing stand going to rust if kept outside?
Answer:  Not at all, there won’t be any sign of rust even if the swing stand remains outside for 4-5 years, as the quality of steel used to build this swing stand is superior to any other
Question:  What’s the maximum height of this swing stand?
Answer:  This swing stand will be 8 feet tall, thus making it taller than most swing stands available in the same price range
Why Do You Need A Swing Stand?

Don’t put it on your kids by saying, ‘kids love playing on the swings, so I had to buy one for them’. You love it too, so just admit it. Before making a decision regarding a swing stand, it is important for you to find out answers to certain questions such as;

  • Which type of swing stand will suit you?
  • Which manufacturer does that swing stand comes from?
  • What do other people have to say about that particular swing stand?
  • How much weight can that swing stand withstand?
  • Can you easily assemble or disassemble it?

Once you have the right answers to these questions, you will be in a much better position to buy a swing stand. In our opinion, a swing stand is a good investment especially when you crave for fun and adventure in the lap of nature.

Final Verdict

All five hammock swing stands have the potential to make their way into your house, but it all boils down to your budget. It depends on how much money you are ready to pour into this venture. We have laid down from the most economical product to the most expensive one, and explained the features of each of those products, so the ball is in your court. Make the right decision and move a step further to enjoy the golden sun with a cool breeze while lying in a comfortable hammock.